Thursday, July 1, 2010

Should I feel something?

My girlfriend and I decided to end our relationship two weeks ago... and I am not really missing her.

Does that make me an asshole?

I kind of always knew that it wasn't going to last. Right when we started dating, she told me that she was not sure if she was ready to be in a relationship. Well, five months later, and she realized that she just couldn't do it. We had the conversation on the phone, and it initially floored me...

Then I slept on it.

I woke up the next morning without a feeling of loss. I woke up with a feeling of "Well, we gave it a shot. It didn't work out". Should I be more in mourning? Should I act like it bothers me more than it did? This is just confusing.

I feel like just writing what is in my head and heart would be more therapeutic.

Shit... didn't I say my posts would have more dick jokes?


Well, It's not really a dick joke, but it should do the trick.

Will probably write more about this at a later time.

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