Sunday, August 28, 2011

Consistently inconsistent

I have no idea why I named the post "Consistently Inconsistent". I just think it looks nice and witty.

I have been up for 23 hours now. I just cannot go to sleep right now. I have been on my overnight schedule for over a year now, and it still messes with my body. Since I live on my own, I do not have that extra voice that says "You should go to bed" or "Please don't have another cookie". I guess that is a big reason for the bags under my eyes and the weight gain.

I should have more self-control. Some people are hooked on drugs. Some are hooked on sex. Some are hooked on gambling.

I am hooked on Mexican Coke. In fact, I am having one right now.

*sip* aaaaaaahhhhhh.... mucho refresco...

I have always been the person who gets distracted easily by anything, like music, shiny things or boobs. I always have a hard time keeping focus on the task at hand. I figure writing is a way to keep my mind sharp and alert. Practice makes perfect.

Or maybe this will make me fall asleep faster.

Either way, it can only benefit me.

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